"Tongues" - the 2013 short film

© 2016 Nobody films & Nathan Deming

"Speaking in Tongues" is an indie film (currently in post-production) by Nathan Deming & Lawrie Doran, shot in Chicago, IL and Eau Claire, WI.  Searching for answers and meaning, Jake signs up for a summer long program with a national megachurch franchise opening their newest church in Chicago.  Over the course of the summer Jake is dragged through the machinery of the organization until he's not sure what he believes anymore.

The film is partially inspired by Tongues - a 2013 short film written and directed by Nathan Deming at the London Film School that premiered at the 2014 London Short Film Festival.​


Nathan Deming

Lawrie Doran




Speaking in Tongues


Scott Hennelly

Tyler Esselman

William Walton

Charlie Luebeck

Drew Kutnick

Kelsey Risher

William French

Clayton Backes

Ali Abraham

Pete Schwaba


A Nobody Production

Written by Lawrie Doran & Nathan Deming

Directed by Nathan Deming

Produced by Nathan Deming, Lawrie Doran & Harry Cherniak

Director of Photography Mark Khalife

Production Design by Alyssa Stratton

Editor Astrid Carlen-Helmer & Nathan Deming

Original Music by Andrea Boccadoro